Tipico Osteria dei Sensi

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Tipico is a small inn, located in a small street that overlooks the main square of the village of Montone. Few tables, for a select connoisseurs who love to discover which products and dishes, Paolo, the owner, has found around Umbria. There you will find only the true 100% Made in Italy: the delights that many unknown small farms like to produce. Meats, legumes, Slow Food, craft beers, DOC and DOCG wines and a careful selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Umbria of five sub-areas and different Monocultivar. During the summer you can eat outdoors, in small squares that smell of roses: with so many rare species of roses, it could not be called "the alley of the roses".

Cell. +393383608754


Position: Montone

Owner: Paolo Morbidoni

Available seats: 35 + 30 outside

Pets are welcome: yes

We speak: english

We use  D.O.P. Umbria Extra Virgin Olive Oil: yes

We use natural local products: yes

Conference room: no

Pool: no

Disabled access and facilities: yes

Sale umbrian products: yes

Specific marks:  100% made in Umbria

Other services available: wifi, on reservation, mini oil tasting courses

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